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    About the Game

    The game of eight ball pool is played with 16 balls with one ball being the cue ball and the other 15 comprising of seven striped balls and seven solid colored balls. The fifteenth ball is the 8 ball and it is the focus of the game as each player tries to pocket his or her seven balls before the other player is able to achieve this in order to be able to legally pocket the 8 ball with the player that legally does this emerging the winner.

    Miniclip adopted this concept to develop what is arguably the world’s number one pool game. It is available across all devices even on the personal computers and the several mobile operating softwares. It has the feature that allows you to play with your friends and even those you do not know by engaging in competitions over the internet.

    The multiplayer option allows you to complete with up to 8 players or you can decide to go one-on-one with another player. With the practice arena available, you can always get your skills refined before taking n any challenge or entering any tournament. You are able to win trophies and exclusive based on your performance in the tournaments.

    When you engage in one-on-one competitive matches, you have the opportunity of winning the pool coins at stake by winning the match. The coins won can be used in entering matches with higher rankings allowing you to win bigger prizes as the stakes are expectedly higher. You can also use the coins to buy new items in the pool shop.

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